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Graphene trillion industry is expected to accelerate

Time:2012-7-28 14:56:12  |  Sources:Dongguan Xinhongfa Silicone Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  |  Author: admin
Graphene future of the industry will reach one trillion
Graphene is a close packing of carbon atoms constituting the two-dimensional crystal, which is a single layer of graphite foil. It is now known to mankind the highest intensity, toughness best, lightest, highest light transmittance and conductivity best material.

Insiders said that the future is expected to be commercially available in many fields
Held on 13 July 2013 graphene industry trends and investment forum, China graphene industry technology innovation strategic alliance announced Foreign founded. China Securities Journal reporter Statistics found that in addition to prescription Alliance launched a number of universities and scientific research units, there are also a number of listed companies figure emerged, such as the Golden Road Group and a subsidiary of Shenzhen, China Baoan BTR New Energy Materials Corporation. It is noteworthy that just denied that the company will invest Foreign graphene industry, Konka, also attended the meeting related.
The forum, the various research units experts and business representatives that graphene applications in China has broad prospects, now the industry is in transition from technical to commercial evolution of the critical period. However, the actual situation, the cost and process issues makes the existence of graphene short term can not form a real commercial scale in the application field of view, lithium batteries and environmentally friendly coating materials are expected to be domestic graphene applications is a major breakthrough in the future .

Graphene future of the industry will reach one trillion
Graphene is a close packing of carbon atoms constituting the two-dimensional crystal, which is a single layer of graphite foil. It is now known to mankind the highest intensity, toughness best, lightest, highest light transmittance and conductivity best material.
Due to structural reasons, graphene has a graphite do not have many features, such as highly conductive, high strength, high thermal conductivity, large specific surface area. As a high-tech carbon material graphene semiconductors, photovoltaics, lithium batteries, aerospace, military, LED, touch screen and other areas will bring a material revolution. As more expensive, graphene has yet industrialization. The industry believes that, as an ideal replacement material, graphene, once achieved industrialization of its size in at least one trillion or more.
Made of graphene preparation requires sophisticated, preparing the industry, there are four methods, namely mechanical stripping method, epitaxial growth method, graphite oxide reduction method, and vapor deposition (CVD). The first three of raw materials are graphite, CVD method compared to raw materials mostly methane. Since relatively low manufacturing costs, the industry's multi-use mechanical exfoliation of graphite oxide reduction method and the manufacture of graphene.
In 2013 graphene industry trends and investment forum, experts believe that China has developed unique graphene industry conditions. It is reported that of graphite ore reserves accounted for 75% of total world reserves, production accounts for 72% of world production, is China of the few internationally competitive mineral world. As of 2012, China in the literature in the field of graphene research contribution has reached 5,072, representing the amount of global literature graphene 29.2%, more than 27.3% of the United States ranked first in the world.
Individual areas or the first to achieve commercial
In 2012 the Ministry issued "Twelfth Five new materials industry development plan", planned to include cutting-edge new materials graphene. In this forum, representatives of the parties that are in our graphene transition from the laboratory to the industrial stage.
CAS Ningbo material graphene research team researcher Zhou Xufeng to the China Securities newspaper reporter said that the current domestic application of graphene is quite optimistic about the prospects, many areas are ready to try it. However, the actual situation seems unstable and the high cost of the manufacturing process is still graphene toward industrialization most need to be addressed, from the manufacturing process, the current industry four methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, industrial technology path is still being discussed. Zhou Xufeng that since the chain is relatively short, the field of environmental protection and energy storage is expected to become the first to achieve commercial graphene.
Many domestic manufacturers already produce graphene powder and pulp and other products, Zhou Xufeng that these products are used as coating materials and additives ideal alternative. In the field of environmental protection graphene coating can play a good antiseptic effect, whereas in the field of energy storage in lithium battery can replace the graphene carbon as a new additive materials. Zhou Xufeng said highly conductive graphene lithium batteries can reduce the number of groups, to improve product performance, the absolute amount of the additive is also much lower than carbon, mainly due to cost reasons, the lithium battery manufacturers temporarily not used This additive solution, but because of its industrial chain is short, once the cost of problem solving, will be easier to achieve industrialization.
ITO conductive graphene films as alternative materials have been touch screen industry attention. But in this forum intermittent, some of the industry chain investment company industry areas this block to the China Securities newspaper reporter expressed cautious. Beijing holding a graphene technology executives to China Securities Journal reporter, said graphene technology can make a flexible display, but because of mobile phones and other intelligent terminal industry chain is too long, the product needs shaping circuit boards, such as whole body material with the supply chain. Theoretically, these things can be achieved in the laboratory have been, but still needs some commercial time, not only because the cost outrageous, yield problems is also very optimistic. The source said that Samsung Electronics preliminary invested a lot in this area of ​​research and development resources, the original plan this year to launch a similar concept product, but now Samsung has delayed the release of the plan, showing the field of technology is still very long way to go.
Number of listed companies compete graphene
At present, the domestic academia and industry is redoubling its efforts to promote the industrialization of graphene, with the graphene industry technology innovation strategic alliance was established, this rate is expected to increase.
Although many prescription Union initiated a university-based research institutes, but which also has a number of listed companies figure emerges. Such as Sichuan Golden Road Group, a subsidiary of Shenzhen, China Baoan BTR New Energy Materials Corporation. It should be noted that, just to clarify the company of foreign investment plans without graphene Konka TV companies, there are also attended by representatives of the relevant graphene forum. Analysts believe that graphene panel display as an important application areas, companies within the industry deserve more attention.
Golden Road Group and China Baoan has a market "veteran" graphene stocks, public information, Golden Road Group's partners CAS Institute of Metals been able to achieve the preparation of graphene, graphene can be prepared for each batch of 30 g; the transparent conductive film of the graphene, the metal can be prepared 4 inches Research graphene transparent conductive film.
China Baoan, Shenzhen Bei Terui's feature is a complete industrial chain, and customer is abundant. BTR is currently the world's only company with a complete industrial chain of graphene value of the enterprise, the company in November 2011 to complete construction of graphene in the test line and put into production. It is understood that BTR has submitted to the state associated with graphene four patent applications, of which "spherical graphene preparation method" has been received this year, April 28 patent certificates. According to public information, BTR lithium battery cathode materials currently occupy about three percent of the global market share, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, BYD, etc. are BTR customers.
Also in May of this year, two-dimensional Carbon Technology Co., Ltd. Changzhou announced its first annual output of 30,000 m2 graphene transparent conductive film production line mass production. It is understood that Leaguer Venture shares held indirectly through its two-dimensional carbon options, two-dimensional carbon is responsible to the China Securities Journal reporter said Leaguer Venture Capital is indeed one of the shareholders, but the ownership and investment purposes did not reveal too much. Some analysts believe that the combined force of shares is principally engaged in sewage treatment, while graphene can be applied to the field of environmental protection, power co-shares for investment purposes or for their main business.
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