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Thermal silica prospects

Time:2012-7-28 14:55:52  |  Sources:Dongguan Xinhongfa Silicone Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  |  Author: admin
Thermal conductivity of silicone rubber of different thermal conductivity have a big difference. Its cost price difference is enormous. The thermal conductivity of ordinary silicone rubber added aluminum oxide, thermal silicone rubber is added boron nitride thermal

Substances. Thermally conductive silicone rubber adhesive manufacturers can generally produce according to need different thermal conductivity, curing speed, viscosity, color, hardness, etc., thermal silica films (mat) manufacturers are generally

May need to create different shapes of products.

        Alumina powder prepared by thermal silica, during storage prone thermally conductive filler sedimentation and make a variety of low viscosity gum base ingredients separated, add fumed titanium dioxide can be taken for settlement inhibitors party

France resolved. Such fumed titanium dioxide particle diameter of 0.001 to 0.2um, BET specific surface area should be 20 to 80 m / g. TiO2 should be greater than 98% purity, with the amount of 100 parts of base polymer of 5 to 15 parts.

       Thermal pad with good thermal capacity and a high level of pressure, is to replace the thermal grease replacement product, the material itself has a certain flexibility, a good fit power devices and cooling aluminum or machine

Between housing so as to achieve the best thermal conductivity and heat dissipation purposes, consistent with the current electronics industry requirements for thermal conductivity material, is an alternative to thermal grease thermal paste plus mica binary cooling system the best products. Expert

The industry could be called thermal silica films, thermal silicone pad, thermal silicone pad, thermal insulation film, flexible cooling pad and so on.

        Ordinary thermal silica films, low thermal silica films, double-sided adhesive thermal silica films, high thermal silica films, thermal silica film. Currently thermal silica film thermal conductivity from 0.8W/MK ~ 4.5W/MK, lead

Thermal conductivity test standard, there are three different testing standards resulting data will vary and so on.

        Thermal silica film having a certain flexibility, excellent insulation resistance, compression resistance, surface natural viscosity, is dedicated to the use of heat transfer design slit production to fill the gap, the heat generating portion to complete

Bit and thermal heat transfer between the parts, but also as an insulating, cushioning, sealing and so on, to meet the miniaturization of the equipment and the ultra-thin design requirements and processes is of great use, and the thickness for a wide range

, Is an excellent thermal silica filler material which is widely used in electrical and electronic products.
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