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Keys used in the desiccant silica gel

Time:2012-10-26 17:33:59  |  Sources:Dongguan Xinhongfa Silicone Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  |  Author: admin
Button on silica gel desiccant with a moisture absorbed from the atmosphere in addition agent, and its drying principle is physically adsorbed water molecules in the structure itself, or by chemical means to absorb water molecules and change its chemical structure, into another substance.

Silicone button in the main types of desiccant what?

Silica gel desiccant used in the industry is currently the main ingredient is silica, purified from natural mineral processing granular or bead-like. As the water molecules adsorbed particles has a good affinity. Environment most suitable absorbent silica gel at room temperature (20 ~ 32), high humidity (60 to 90%), the relative humidity of the environment which can be reduced to about 40%.

How to determine the amount of desiccant?

The amount of desiccant depends on many factors: the size of the space drying, packaging material properties, packaged goods storage environment, sealing the atmospheric conditions, the shelf life of packaged goods, packaging and sealing of and so on.

Each has a silica gel desiccant capacity saturation and balance concept, although they are two concepts, but for the desiccant, from a practical sense are referring to is no longer hygroscopic. Saturation refers to the desiccant is saturated with, even if there is no amount of water vapor, it can not be adsorbed.

Balancing capacity refers to the desiccant from the air sucked enough moisture in the atmosphere of water vapor carrying capacity of more than desiccant adsorption capacity for water vapor. At this point, add more desiccant will not reduce the relative humidity of the environment.
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