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Chemical principles developed thermal silica

Time:2012-10-26 17:32:05  |  Sources:Dongguan Xinhongfa Silicone Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  |  Author: admin
One-component RTV silicone during the curing process will produce a small molecular gaseous substances, are condensation type organic reactions (so called condensation type silicone), according to the number of small molecules produced such a result is generally divided into categories in turn deacidification type, alcohol type, off oxime, the amide type. RTV-1 silicone type smell different on different substrate corrosion, adhesion of the adhesion of different materials are different, different temperature. For RTV-1 silicone to the manufacturer, the colors of these plastic viscosity and cure rate has been generally can be tailored to the needs.

Thermal silica gel chromatography is based on silica gel adsorption material different leaving the material separating force, generally low polarity substance easily adsorbed onto silica, less polar material difficult to be adsorbed by silica gel, that is, the chromatographic process adsorption, desorption, and then adsorption, desorption process again. Chromatography on silica gel is mainly used for refined petroleum products, removal of aromatic substances or herbal active ingredients for separation and purification of high-purity substances and so on.

Silicone seal is a liquid silicone rubber. By pouring the liquid colloidal surface of the product to make it to the after vulcanization molding products sealed in order to achieve heat, moisture, while, insulation and other effects. The most common is the electronic potting silicone seal.

Silica gel is a colorless transparent oily liquid or skin-colored, soft and elastic after curing a material temperature range of -65 ° C to 200 ° C under long-term use and to maintain its softness elastic properties, with electrical properties and chemical stability, water , ozone resistance, resistance to weathering, non-corrosive, physiologically inert, non-toxic, tasteless, low linear shrinkage.

Component RTV silicone rubber (RTV-1 silicone short) relies contact with the adhesive or sealing surface of the water molecules or water molecules in the air cured. Dry and cold environment curing speed can be very slow, but the proper environment, such as more than 25 degrees Celsius, relative humidity of 65% in the case of such glue can dry in 3-30 minutes (finger dry), 24 hours hard work. Different varieties of models of different cure speeds vary.

Silicone wire with high-quality and high-purity silicone rubber made of tinned copper wire. With high temperature resistance, insulation and so on. Widely used in household appliances, lighting, industrial machinery, electric products, such as places of high temperature wiring. Special soft silicone line is generally used in electronics, electrical equipment internal wiring, such as motors, etc., from the general wires.

Depending on the operating mode, is the use of perfusion mode (packet mode) can be selected hardness of 20 degrees, 20 degrees hardness silicone mold features: small viscosity, good fluidity, good operation, easy to discharge bulbs, tensile tear strength, easy perfusion.

Silicone is an organic silicon compound, are those containing Si-C bond, and at least one organic group is directly bonded to silicon atoms of the compound, those often customary through oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen, and the organic group and the silicon compounds atom attached as an organic silicon compound. Among them, the silicon-oxygen bond (-Si-O-Si-) for the skeleton consisting of polysiloxane, is the largest number of organosilicon compounds, research deepest, most widely used of a class, accounting for over 90% of the total amount .

Thermal silicone pad silicone products in the market demand is more of a class of products. With silicone properties, there is a certain tension, flexibility, excellent insulation resistance, pressure, high temperature, low temperature, chemically stable, environmentally safe, no smell, food grade silicone pad has a non-toxic tasteless, insoluble in water and any solvent, is a highly reactive green products. food grade silicone mat has inherent thermal stability (-40 ℃ -230 ℃). suitable for different occasions.

Thermal phase change material is a key performance characteristics of the phase change: the material is a solid at room temperature, and easy to handle, can be used as clean and dry mat firmly, for the heat sink or the surface of the device. When it reaches the device operating temperature, the phase change material becomes soft, add a little clamping force, the same material as thermal grease and easily integrates two mating surfaces. This interface is completely filled gap and the gap between the device and the heat sink capacity, making the phase change pad is better than non-current elastomer or graphite based thermal pad, and get similar performance thermal grease.

In practical applications, since it will increase the power causes rapid thermal impedance dropped 10K / W or less, the temperature of foreign industry have developed white LED try to alleviate the above problem by this method, but in fact the calorific power LED smaller than a few times over the high power LED, and the temperature rise of the light emitting efficiency will drop dramatically, even when the package technology allows high-calorie, but there is the LED chip junction temperature may exceed the allowable value, in this case, the solution encapsulation method is the fundamental problem of heat dissipation.

Thermal silica film having a certain flexibility, excellent insulation resistance, compression resistance, a natural surface tack, specifically for the use of heat transfer design slit production to fill the gap, complete heating and cooling heat transfer between the parts, but also played insulation, shock absorption, seals and other effects, to meet the miniaturization and ultra-thin design requirements, is of great craft and usability, and the thickness of the wide range of applications, is an excellent thermal conductivity filler material being Widely used in electrical and electronic products.

As electronic devices continue to be more powerful functions into smaller components, the temperature will cause the device to run slower, the device operates halfway out of trouble, and many other dimensions space constraints performance issues. Therefore, the design of the temperature control has become one of the challenges is crucial that austerity in the architecture, the operating space is getting smaller in the case, how to effectively take larger unit power generated more heat.
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