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Silicone Beer

Time:2012-7-28 14:57:17  |  Sources:Dongguan Xinhongfa Silicone Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  |  Author: admin
Beer silicone traits:
   Beer is an amorphous silica porous structure of the solid powder, a pore size of 8-16nm, chemical formula mSiO2 · nH2O, insoluble in water and any solvent, in addition to hydrofluoric acid, caustic soda, and does not react with any acid, alkali, salt react, non-toxic, tasteless, no burning, no explosion, has a strong heat, cold stability, harmless to human body. Mainly for the beer industry.
   A beer silica gel with a large surface area and numerous suitable porous structure, may result in a few minutes the beer turbid protein adsorption was removed by filtration, extended storage period of 180-240 days of beer, to prevent the beer cold muddy.
   (2) does not affect the beer foam and tastes. Silicone beer determines its physical and chemical properties and taste beer foam has no effect, the practice has proved silicone beer beer industry is the world's most recognized safety beer stabilizer.
   3 helps improve the filter effect. Beer silica is chemically stable, non-beer solubles, its surface area and porous structure are much better than diatomaceous earth, is a good filter aid, diatomaceous earth filter aid making beer brighter and clearer.
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