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Put on the silicone belly , you can get seats?

Time:2012-7-28 14:56:56  |  Sources:Dongguan Xinhongfa Silicone Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  |  Author: admin
According to the Beijing News reported, suffered the pain of the very fact that crowded subway, take the subway to a seat, online shopping "Silicone Belly" loaded pregnant women. Wear the first day, "fake belly" revealed the secret to shedding, Ms. Zhang to the quality issues to the Tongzhou Liyuan Business and Industry Branch of complaints, the Trade and Industry that the behavior does not belong to the "consumption needs for the life of purchasing and using commodities or receiving services," and the very fact that complaints were not accepted.

Currently, the "silicone belly" in Taobao selling hot, most shops are prominently labeled "fake belly props, fake pregnancy, fake pregnant" words, according to the month of pregnancy do not have to select a different number of births and the different models can be used to protect pregnant women for maternity shoot props, posing as pregnant women get money, do not enjoy the privilege of queuing priority seat, etc., priced from 300 yuan to 700 yuan per month.

Ms. Zhang is a fancy "can enjoy the privilege of not queuing priority seat" buy "silicone belly" Unfortunately, the first day has not yet tasted the sweetness of privilege, on the spot off revealed the secret, was a mockery of the people around them. The very fact knowingly false, why buy it? Simply do not want to enjoy the treatment of pregnant women to reduce the pain of crowded subway.

In order to reduce passenger traffic and increase civic seat of moral consciousness, the railway sector, the transport sector, the construction sector and other units continue to reform road, increase transportation schedules, enhance passenger services, passenger transportation strengthen knowledge, improve passenger moral consciousness. However, in major cities, counties, and various transport modes, there are still many non-seat phenomenon.

When traveling, there is always a voice ringing in our ears: "Please give old and sick pregnant with child seat comrades." After hearing the sound, there are several seat consciously take the initiative to do? Seat is a virtue that we should carry forward widely encountered special groups should take the initiative to your seat, do not give yourself to find reason to refuse seat. You give people a warm, others later will give you a hug!

And then view "silicone belly" event, the topic of network monitoring on the table once again, the need to further strengthen the network management departments, yet if someone brings "Silicone Belly" dress pregnant women get money, this is not just moral issues, but also touched the law, to bear some legal responsibility. Appropriate measures to be formulated and even legal provisions "What the dealings that prohibit the sale of anything," "What do I need to be traded," etc.
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